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Mo’MixMo #79


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The Cynics 
"Rock'n Roll"
"baby what's Wrong"
"Way It's Gonna Be"
"Girl you are on my mind"
"Get My Way"

The Headless Horsemen
"Yesterday's Number" 2018
"Can't Help But Shake"
"What d'I Say"
"Glow Girl"

Brand New Hate
"Hangover And Over" 2015
"Anaconda S.S."
"Hoochie Coochie Baby"
"Scream Girl Scream"

Nervous Eaters
"Eaterville #1" 1999
"Just Head"
"I'm Degenerate"

"4 Garçons Dans Le Brouillard" 1987
"Joyeux Noël"
"L'Amour A 45 Km/h"

Chihuahua 1987
"Por Que Te vas"